Three Ways to Unstick Blogger’s Block

I love to write but like anyone, sometimes I get writer’s block. Hmmmm….what to write about in my blog today? What will help others?

unstick blogger's block

Today I’m going to write about what to write about. Why not! Here are three ways to unstick yourself from blogger’s block.

Topic Lists for Blogger’s Block

1) Over time I have collected blogs and articles that contain lists of what to write blog topics on. How convenient is that? For example, from, I got a “cheat sheet” of blog topic ideas meant for mommy bloggers. I’m a mom, but being a mom is not typically what I blog about. Yet how about these that could be written by anybody:

  1. Pick a worthy cause or charity and write your views about it.
  2. Write a tutorial.
  3. Write an FAQ about yourself.

Those were only three out of 101! Is your brain buzzing yet? Here’s another content suggestion list I pulled, surprisingly also from It’s called I started a Blog! What Will I Say? This one has 40 ideas categorized into eight categories. Here are a few of those to get you unstuck:

  1. Write a post for beginners in your industry, telling them how to do something.
  2. Examine the pros and cons of an issue.
  3. Address a common myth and explain if it is fact or fiction.

Hopefully those links will help you.

Just Do The Thing to Unstick Blogger’s Block

2) Here’s my next way to unstick if you find yourself in bloggers block. I was on a call today where my friend Tony referred to another friend John who says…”Do the thing and that will give you the energy to do the thing.” Guess what. That is what I am doing right now. I had no idea what to write about today. I was sifting through those blog lists going – man, what will it be today? So, I decided to “just do the thing” and write about exactly the problem I was facing. (Meanwhile telling my brain – Dont’ look now, but I am writing a blog. On a topic that can help others.) Open your computer and write. Just “do the thing.”

Being Specific Unsticks Your Blogger’s Block

3) Lastly, today I read a very helpful blog about blogging. I’ve taken a webinar or two from blogging guru Jon Morrow, and today his email featured a guest post by Peter Sandeen about dominating your niche. Peter recommended to really work on the focus of your blog. I’ve written several blogs about blogging and why it is powerful for business. So this last way to get unstuck is to figure out a laser targeted niche of people that you are writing to about a very small niche of topics you have experience with. If your blog is focused on personal development, camping tips, homes for sale in your county or recipes that use fresh ginger, you’ll just dig up another tip, another angle on a tip, a “how to,” a product review, or a list. I’m working on narrowing down my blogging target niche, and when I finish the process, it’s going to become simple. And I’ll be stuck no more.

I’ve written in previous posts about how blogging is an inexpensive way to get the word out about your business and help your business be found in the fog. Blogging doesn’t have to be about business of course, and if you are blogging because you just enjoy sharing your tips, thoughts and ideas, kudos! It can be an enjoyable past time.

My last note is this: Did you realize that you can be making money from blogging? If you would love to share with others on a simple-to-use platform and earn money doing so, find out more here. Getting unstuck from bloggers block can be even more rewarding!

Diane Diamantis
WordWork PR

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2 Responses to Three Ways to Unstick Blogger’s Block

  1. looky August 8, 2014 at 4:54 pm #

    I am just starting out and want to get a blog started..

    • Diane Diamantis September 15, 2014 at 10:40 am #

      Hi and thank you for your comment. You may wish to go onto and start using their free blogging platform. Write about something you are passionate about, and write regularly to get a following. Best of luck!