Save Money with a Blog [Part 6]

Hopefully I have your attention by now with the other blogs in this series. And because I used the word “Money” in the headline. (Chuckle.)

So how can we save money with a blog? We all know that when we search for something on search engines, paid advertisements pop up along the top of our search results and down the right side. But the more effective search results are the organic ones on the left side and this is where your blog will show up. When someone clicks on your blog link in the organic section, you don’t have to pay for that. If you have a great blog, why buy Google Adwords? Keep producing valuable content that draws internet searchers to your blog page organically, and save money.

There are a couple of other ways you can save money with a blog.

You may have worked very hard to build your email list. You send your bloglink to your list. But surely there is a way to build your list even larger? Try Guest Blogging. Research online until you find a blog that has content that complements – not competes – with yours. Contact the site owner through the contact  link, and ask if they would be interested in letting you provide a guest blog to their site. Give them a variety of topics that you are capable of writing about that you think would be interesting to their readers. If the blogger agrees, provide the highest quality blog that you can produce. End the blog with a small (less than a sentence) bio, and ask the blogger if it is alright for you to include the link to your own blog.

By guest blogging, you may attract the readers of the host, and they could go to your blogsite or website and opt in to become a new email subscriber. There – you’ve just saved money on expanding your list by using a blog!

Lastly – if you allow advertising on your blog by other complementary services, bloggers or companies. If your webmaster can set it up, you can charge others for running small square or rectangular ads on your blog. Their ad will have a link that when clicked, will take people away from your site to theirs (or open up a new window and leave your window beneath.) You can Google ideas for what you may like to charge others to do so – or ask other sites how much a banner ad on their site is and use those figures as a guide. Perhaps you would like to offer a 3 month program so that your site’s content changes fairly regularly.

Diane Diamantis
WordWork Writing & Public Relations

PS: I am enjoying blogging on my own website but I also have two other blogs as well. If you are interested in a blogging platform that is easy to set up, easy to use and charges a low monthly fee, you may be interested in the Empower Network blogging platform.

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