Bicycle Wheels? Three Reasons Why A Real Estate Agent Should Start A Blog

I recently gave a speech to my Toastmaster’s group (shoutout to Club Awesome of Coral Springs, FL!) about how important it is for every business person to have a blog today. Our club boasts people from a variety of professions, but there are two real estate agents in the group that I particularly wanted to impact.

real estate agent should start a blog

Why? Why should a real estate agent start a blog?

By explaining how a blog works online, I will be able to showcase how having a blog will help Realtors (R) and help their clients.

1. Why Do I Need a Blog if I Have a Website?

A website is a set of static pages. About, Services, Contact, Testimonials, Company Profile…you can just about predict the basic tabs of any website, and a real estate website will likely also include available property listings or recent sales.

When I say static, I mean that web pages don’t change often. If they are changed, it is likely that you as a real estate agent will have to pull some strings to get your web page updated. You may have a company webmaster to which you email a change order.  I have multiple PR clients that I update websites for through a webmaster. In general, it is inconvenient and takes time. (Too much time if your updates are important – like a new price reduction on a hot property.)

2. A Blog Attracts Search Engines

Let’s understand how Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines work. Their job is to match people’s search terms – the words they put in the Google search box – with whatever matching fresh content is out in cyberspace.

Here’s an important concept: The content that the search engine notices is content that is visited frequently and pointed to by other sites.

Your website with its static pages does not make the search engines sit up and take notice. But a blog is a different animal! A blog is a written, photo, audio or video post that you can update daily, on the fly, from your phone even. This continually changing content, if posted to an authority website, stands out, because it is continually new.

3. Your Real Estate Agent Blog is Structured Like A Bicycle Wheel

Here’s a strategy that will make Google site up and take notice. Your goal is to appear in the organic search results when someone searches for, let’s say, “new home in zip code 33428.” With a new home for sale listing, you can first write one comprehensive blog about the home. Use the keywords that home buyers will search for in search engines – perhaps “new home in zip code 33428.” Use the keywords in your headline and your first sentence. You should post photos of the home as well. After your summary blog is published, you have just created the hub.

Now it is time to make the rest of your bicycle wheel.

The spokes of the bicycle wheel are multiple other blogs about the same house. These blogs contain a hyperlink to the hub – the main blog you wrote first. You can:

  • Do a video of a walk through of the house, simply by using your cell phone camera and talking, and with a couple of clicks, post that to your blog with some text. When you get back to your desk, you can modify the text and hyperlink some text to the hub blog.
  • Next, do a photo blog that showcases a particular room.
  • Write a blog about the types of floors or split plan layout.
  • Shoot a video of you standing by the mailbox, telling about the neighborhood that this great house is in, with school info and more.
  • Do another written post that explains the updated kitchen. And yes, within each spoke that you have created, find a couple of places to embed a link back to the hub blog.

When Google receives a search request for “new home in zip code 33428,” it will immediately start searching throughout the web to find new popular content that uses those key words. When it sees numereal estate agent should start a blogrous articles pointing to the “hub” blog you have created and linking to it, it will put your blog in the organic search results.

You can spread the word about your blog through your business cards, postcards, emails, and numerous other ways that you already use. You can also drive traffic to your website by embedding website links in your blog. Remember, it is more likely for your active blog to be found than your website.

Internet Impact for Real Estate Agents
Creating a blog following the bicycle wheel strategy, your properties and your brand will show up as a search result in Google based on your keywords. You will be providing fresh, updated news about your properties to your prospects that they will appreciate. A blog will help you differentiate yourself as a real estate agent with the latest area news and build credibility as someone who is keeping their clients in mind and up to date.

Ready to ignite your real estate business and start your blog? Contact WordWork Writing & Public Relations if you need help planning your blog and actually getting something written! You can be blogging (and making bicycle wheels) in no time!

Diane Diamantis

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