Proofread Your Blog by Listening

For bloggers or writers of any sort, sometimes when we write, it looks ok on paper. But then, when someone else reads it, what they read might trip them up. You may have written an awkward phrase.

Proofread Your Blog by Listening To It

What if there were a way to “listen” to what you have written before you post it? There is! With a text to voice feature within both Outlook or Microsoft Word, you can listen to a voice read your text. You may just find a different and better way to write what you want people to know.

Many of us write our blog in Microsoft Word before posting to our blogging platform, so I found this ideal. Of course, you will need time to listen, but it is helpful (and sort of entertaining as well!)

Steps to Proofread Your Blog by Listening

Proofread Your Blog by Listening To It

1. In Outlook, open a new email. In Microsoft Word, open a new MS Word document.

2. Look for the Quick Access Toolbar. This is probably at the top left of your screen – a little ribbon of quick access buttons. Click the drop down arrow.

3. Drag down to More Commands.

4. In the top box, instead of Popular Commands, choose All Commands.

5. Scroll down alphabetically until you find Speak. Click it.

6. It may add automatically to the right side box (mine did) or you may need to click Add.

7. Click Ok.

At the top of your screen you will now see a white “Speak” balloon in your Quick Access Toolbar. To use the feature, in MS Word or in an Outlook email, highlight the text you wish to proofread by listening.

Does This Really Help You Proofread?

Try it! I have just proofread my blog by listening. As suggested by the original article that I found on this tool, I substituted some incorrect words. (In that previous sentence, I changed the word “blog” to “pig.” The voice said I have just proofread my pig!)  I also misspelled some words on purpose to see what “the voice” would do with them – if it would alert me to the fix. In Step 2 above, I typed a nonsense word, “scraan” instead of “screen.” The proofreader by voice read the word as it was incorrectly spelled which is the goal – to catch it and say, whoa, what was that?!

It worked beautifully! Of course you need to have the time to do this step, but posting content that is correct builds your credibility as a writer or blogger, so any extra proofreading tip is helpful.

Find the original article here.

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