Perfect Circumstances for Writing a Blog

To all the bloggers out there that made a commitment to writing a blog, kudos to you! The day you made that decision to blog daily, weekly, or whatever your schedule may be, to impart value to your readership, to share your toils and your wins, congratulations – what a great idea!

Until it is Day 8 and you just aren’t sure this blogging thing is working for you.

Yeah, maybe you’ll just skip today. Tomorrow is another day.

Next thing you know, two or three days have gone by. That blog is haunting you. Are your readers missing you? Are they wondering if you’ve got what it takes to keep coming back with new, inspired posts?

Keep Writing a Blog

I’m here to tell you to get back in there! Sit down in front of that computer and pull up a blank notepad document and start typing. It may not be good. It may not make sense. Do you think that all blog posts in the world of the internet have great use of language, stimulating visuals and deep concepts and ideas that are as brand new as the morning dew? Nope. Today I’m sharing a blog by Linda Formichelli, who guest blogged on, a site by blogger Jon Morrow. Jon’s posts are usually about blogging, and always of value, and they get me going again in my blogging journey. So if you have ever dipped into your excuse barrel, climb out of it. Because according to Linda, successful bloggers do not make these excuses! Read on and see if any of these look familiar to you! (Click the photo to read Linda’s blog.) Perfect Circumstances for Writing a Blog           NOW where are those excuses? Diane Diamantis WordWork Writing & Public Relations


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