Your next great new marketing idea: Develop a Marketer’s Eye

Where is your next great new marketing idea going to come from? No matter what kind of business you may be running, you have to promote it, right? If you are the Kevin Costner of business owners and you have grown a business to success just because you opened the doors – congratulations to you, you’ve mastered the Field of Dreams!! But for most of us, promoting is a necessity.

 great new marketing ideaWhy promote? Do I need a great new marketing idea?

This may seem self explanatory, but through my years in public relations and marketing communications, I can tell you that sometimes the reasons for marketing a promotion bear repeating. I’ll keep the list short.

 1. To let the world know your business exists. (What? How long has that music store been in this shopping center?!)

2. To tell people what services you offer. (I’ve been looking for a CPA but I don’t think anybody can deal with my specific-very-unique-special-super-duper business situation.)

3. To gain traffic and sales. (Did you see the ad about the sale at Andy’s Tire Shop? I’m going over there!)

4. To gain prospects. (There’s a neat website I read about on Facebook. I think I’ll check it out and maybe subscribe to their emails or newsletter.)

“There is no great new marketing idea under the sun.” Au contraire!

You’ve heard that expression – that there are no new ideas under the sun. Come on! The next great marketing idea is just waiting for you to discover it. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg sat around after he created Facebook and said – well, there are no new marketing ideas under the sun so I am not going to bother trying to leverage Facebook’s capabilities to be used for marketing…it just won’t happen. We know better.

Your Marketers Eye will bring you that next great marketing idea.

Running out of ideas? Specifically new headlines, appeals, and copy ideas? Time to develop your “Marketer’s Eye.”

Do you receive those emails from restaurants with special offers? Don’t just toss them into your trash file. Read them. Look at the headline. Does it make you feel excited? great new marketing ideaWhat words did they use? Could you tweak those words to your industry to use a similar turn of the phrase?

Taken any driving trips lately? When your eyes can leave the road, don’t you love looking at billboards? (I created a billboard for a mall once at Christmas time. It had a big picture of Santa holding a pile of gifts and the copy was: “We’ve got the wrap on Christmas.” Just wanted to throw that in for fun.) Billboards are the best absorbed by drivers when the headline is seven word or less. To the point. Hard hitting. Or something to make you think. (One of the best I’ve seen lately is the ad for the air conditioning company with the headline: Your Wife is Hot.)

Listen to commercial for keywords or phrases that you could use in your marketing copy with just a little change. Maybe the concept, though for an entirely different type of product or service, can actually be used for what you can do. You may even pass someone on the street and pick up a snippet of conversation that you can work into a prospect newsletter or blog. I went to a craft show one time and heard several zingers that day among the crowd that I later incorporated into a humorous piece.

You’re on Facebook no doubt. If you have “liked” a business’s page, you’ll notice how they post about their business and services, how they present promotions, and how they engage with their Facebook visitor. Use your marketer’s eye to consider how to jazz up the action on your Facebook business page.

I’m sure you receive emails from other marketers besides restaurants – probably all kinds of companies: Do you like how they have made their appeal? Borrow their approach and apply it to your company. In fact, create a computer file of copy ideas that resonate with you so you will have it at the ready when you are ready to promote your business. To be clear, I am not recommending a straight pickup of someone else’s message. Work with it, tweak it, until it is right for you.

The next great marketing idea may not be new right when you hear it, but you can make it new for you if you develop your marketer’s eye, evaluate if it can be useable for your business, and throw in some creativity.

Diane Diamantis
WordWork Writing & Public Relations

PS: Have you used your marketer’s eye to tweak a message you found to fit your business? I’d love to hear your comment below.



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