Drive Traffic to Your Website with a Blog [Part 5]

If you have wondered about having a website vs. having a blog, I have your answer. Have both! And drive traffic with a blog to your website.

Most blogs are more effective if they are not maintained on your website. Why? Because your blog can contain links to your website, and drive people there to read your website. And because this way you will have two sites on the internet about your business that are capable of bringing people into your awesome content.Drive Traffic to Your Website

Drive traffic with a blog – how?

So…what’s the best way to get people to see your blog?

Have your blog on an authority site – a site that attracts millions of viewers to drive traffic to your posts. Of course you have heard of WordPress and you may be reading my blogright now from the WordPress platform. There is also and host of others. I’ve also used the blog platform by Empower Network, an internet marketing company, which is a very strong authority site.

Ever heard of is a website that ranks websites, who visits them, etc. Take a look yourself. Look up your own website. How are you doing? Now look up various blog platform sites and see where your blog can reach your target audience the most effectively.

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Diane Diamantis
WordWork Writing & Public Relations




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