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Three Ways to Unstick Blogger’s Block

I love to write but like anyone, sometimes I get writer’s block. Hmmmm….what to write about in my blog today? What will help others? Today I’m going to write about what to write about. Why not! Here are three ways to unstick yourself from blogger’s block. Topic Lists for Blogger’s Block 1) Over time I […]

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Proofread Your Blog by Listening

For bloggers or writers of any sort, sometimes when we write, it looks ok on paper. But then, when someone else reads it, what they read might trip them up. You may have written an awkward phrase. Proofread Your Blog by Listening To It What if there were a way to “listen” to what you […]

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Perfect Circumstances for Writing a Blog

To all the bloggers out there that made a commitment to writing a blog, kudos to you! The day you made that decision to blog daily, weekly, or whatever your schedule may be, to impart value to your readership, to share your toils and your wins, congratulations – what a great idea! Until it is […]

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Save Money with a Blog [Part 6]

Hopefully I have your attention by now with the other blogs in this series. And because I used the word “Money” in the headline. (Chuckle.) So how can we save money with a blog? We all know that when we search for something on search engines, paid advertisements pop up along the top of our […]

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Interact With Your Audience on a Blog [Part 4]

We’ve been talking about how business people from small services businesses to independent contractors to retailers to medium and large corporations need a blog. Blogging helps you be found, and  helps you build credibility with your audience as an authority figure in your industry. Now we will learn how a blog helps you interact with […]

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Build Credibility Through Blogging [Part 3]

Part 3 of Every Business Person Needs a Blog: Build Credibility through Blogging Did you catch my two previous blogs about how to bring your business out of the fog (Part 1), and Part 2 about getting great organic search results on Google through your blog? Today, following last night’s affiliate launch of the Empower […]

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